CaptainU is the leading online, collegiate sports recruiting platform that helps high school athletes fulfill their dreams of playing sports in college. Used by more than 3 million high school athletes, colleges, teams, and events, CaptainU helps players gain exposure and get recruited!


Introducing CaptainU, the ultimate platform for athletes, coaches, and recruiters to connect and succeed in the world of sports recruitment. Whether you’re a high school athlete looking to showcase your skills, a coach seeking talent for your team, or a recruiter scouting for top prospects, CaptainU offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the recruitment process. From building a standout athletic profile to accessing personalized recruiting guidance and connecting with college programs, CaptainU provides the resources and support you need to achieve your goals. Join the thousands of athletes who have leveraged CaptainU to turn their dreams into reality. Don’t just play the game – take control of your future.

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