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Template Management

Seamless template creation that allows you to customize a multitude of templates to meet your organization’s needs. Templates can be created from scratch or built from an existing sport-based template.

No Tryout is Too Big or Too Small!

Stack Coach supports multi-division and multi-sport organizations providing users an endless range of tryout possibilities. Easily add players to tryouts via the player import tool. Users will also have the opportunity to export tryout data to be used for team building and player reporting.

Player Scorecards

Easily assess and track player strengths, weaknesses, and necessary improvements. Scorecards are highly customizable and can be adapted to evaluate a wide range of skills and attributes. Admins can cross-reference all reviewer scores per player per tryout, making it easy to see where a player falls in the ranks. All player scores are averaged and can be easily exported for use outside of Stack Coach.

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