For Immediate Release (Plano, TX; Los Angeles, CA):

CaptainU/Stack Sports (Plano, Texas) and BeTheBeast (Los Angeles, CA), announced a strategic partnership today that dramatically alters the recruiting software landscape by combining CaptainU’s web-based recruiting platform with BeTheBeast’s industry leading mobile event recruiting app to create the industry’s first profile centric, recruiting ecosystem solution. In addition, Stack Sports has become an equity partner in BeTheBeast, further reinforcing Stack’s commitment to extend BeTheBeast’s ecosystem platform.

The goal of combining the platforms is to make the complex recruiting process more transparent, collaborative and efficient, while assisting college coaches in conforming to stringent NCAA compliance reporting guidelines. This partnership unites two of the youth sport’s most successful recruiting brands: CaptainU’s proven recruiting network and BeTheBeast’s industry leading mobile profile platform.

Since their inception in 2008, CaptainU has successfully assisted more than 3 million athletes, connecting them to their active network of over 20,000 collegiate programs.

Since introducing their first apps, in 2016, BeTheBeast has quickly emerged as the leading provider of recruiting solutions that address the expanding requirements of event operators, college coaches and players. BeTheBeast’s event platform integrates game schedules, team rosters and player profiles into a single solution and their scouting app, Recruiter, has become the standard for college coaches seeking to identify and evaluate potential recruits at tournaments. Last year, BeTheBeast, introduced the industry’s first CRM solution. Their event scouting and CRM platforms are integrated creating the first event driven ecosystem recruiting solution.

The BeTheBeast/CaptainU partnership immediately provides athletes that have recruiting profiles on either of the company’s platforms to now have their information accessible through their integrated ecosystem solution. College coaches will also have access to the recruit databases of both Companies. In addition, BeTheBeast will begin powering CaptainU’s partner events, creating the industry’s largest network of college coach evaluation tournaments.

“CaptainU was seeking a partner that had existing solutions to complement and extend our recruiting network”, Bernie Taracevicz, General Manager at CaptainU remarked. “BeTheBeast checked all of the boxes. They have assembled an impressive network of event operators and have amassed a loyal following of college coaches using BeTheBeast’s mobile event scouting app. We recognized that our athletes could gain additional exposure through the partnership since college coaches would be able to identify our players at events, evaluate them and be notified as to which colleges followed them,” Taracevicz said.

“BeTheBeast is at an important inflection point in our evolution as a Company. We have created a new recruiting category for event operators, to easily enable players to on-board accurate, complete and updated player information, engage parents to follow their children participating at an event (whether they were attending or not), provide college coaches with a platform to identify players they should be recruiting and efficiently evaluate them throughout a tournament.” Shane Mahoney, BeTheBeast, CEO said. “We were looking to accelerate our leadership position in events and expand our offerings to college coaches while continuing to acquire player profiles through new ecosystem solutions that will target club organizations and high schools. We were seeking a partner that had a significant number of existing event partnerships as part of their recruiting assets and that also held a leadership position in the recruiting services marketplace. Stack Sports and their CaptainU division, were a perfect fit for our evolving needs.” Mahoney remarked.

About BeTheBeast:

BeTheBeast is the LinkedIn for college sports recruiting. Their ecosystem solution delivers profile centric solutions for event operators, college coaches scouting at evaluation tournaments and college coaches looking to manage their recruits on a year round basis. BeTheBeast has amassed the largest database of high school athletes that aspire to continue playing sports in college. The Company has also created the largest network of prestigious evaluation tournaments for basketball (boys & girls), lacrosse (boys & girls), baseball, volleyball and wrestling. To learn more about BeTheBeast, visit,

About CaptainU:

CaptainU empowers athletes to take their game to the next level through recruiting and discovery tools to connect with clubs, events and colleges. More than 3 million high school athletes, college coaches, club coaches and tournament directors use CaptainU to network, build relationships, and build championship teams. CaptainU was founded in 2008 and was acquired by Stack Sports in 2017. To learn more about CaptainU, visit