Build a Community Ball Box

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Encourage Free Play in Your Community

Free play has been shown to produce higher levels of physical activity than organized sports.

According to the Aspen Institute’s Project Play, physically active children and teens:

  • have up to 40% higher test scores
  • are 15% more likely to attend college
  • have lower levels of depression and self-derogation
  • higher self esteem into adulthood

The Community Ball Box concept was an idea incubated by the GOALS Council, an action-oriented group of leaders in the soccer space working together to better the sport for the next generation, to encourage free-play opportunities for more children.

Our hope is to inspire you to look at ways to make soccer or a soccer more more accessible in your community. Feel free to use the plans we have provided, or create your own spin-off of the Community Ball Box. Our ask, is that you just make sure to send us a picture and share any learnings that you’ve had!

What is a Community Ball Box?

The GOALS Council Community Soccer Ball Box is designed to increase participation in soccer through the simple act of sharing a ball.

Each #CommunityBallBox creates 520 free play sessions of soccer & 33 new soccer players a year!

Take a ball. Have some fun. Leave a ball for the next one.


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