Community Ball Box Toolkit

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Encourage Free Play in Your Community

Why should I build a Community Ball Box?
To encourage healthy and active communities and engaging community spaces.

How can I get involved?

  • Sponsor a box
  • Sponsor the balls in the box
  • Be a part of getting the word out

Can my brand or brand partners get involved?

  • ball boxes are being moved to a kit that can be shipped and assembled.
  • branding opportunities available on ball boxes and information pages
  • ball sponsorships available
  • ball boxes travel to live events and are great engagement opportunities

Who “owns this idea”? Do I need to register my ball box?
TheĀ  Community Ball Box is an inspiring concept that encourages free play. Anyone can take the idea and run with it?

I like the idea, but if I did this is my town, I would build the box differently.
Yes, we love it. Community Ball Boxes should come in all shapes and sizes.

I want to talk to someone has built a Community Ball Box.
Please email Frannie Fabian at [email protected]