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How can we make fundraising easy?

Fundraising is essential to maintain and grow youth sports. Stack Raise has a mission to help non-profit, community sports programs constantly improve and grow through sustainable funding. We offer customizable, digital solution for organizations of all sizes to grow their bottom line and grow their program.

“[Stack Raise] was the easiest and most effective fundraiser we have done. The customer service was amazing and training was very efficient not only for our organization, but for the players and families involved. Fargo Youth Baseball would highly recommend [Stack Raise] to any organization interested in Fundraising.”

Alex Sumner, Fargo Youth Baseball

“We would like to thank [Stack Raise] for all of the help and support they provide to our program. The money we raise from our [Stack Raise] fundraisers help us enhance the quality experience we strive to provide the athletes in our program.”

Coach Hintz, SHS Girls Basketball
“With our [Stack Raise] fundraisers we have purchased needed practice football equipment above and beyond what our school district was willing to spend.”
Coach Wingenbach, CHS Football

make fundraising easy

Modernize your league’s approach to fundraising with StackRaise powered by PushSave – a  hassle-free way to raise money

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