Congratulations to our Award Winners!

We were honored to receive over 1,000 nominations from across the country for this year’s Stack MVP Awards! Learning about the many unbelievable athletes, coaches, and volunteers at every level of youth, amateur, and professional sports remind us why sports play such an important role in our communities.

We are honored to recognize our 2023 MVPs across several categories for their remarkable impact on sports and their communities. Please join us in celebrating the individuals, along with everyone that has made a meaningful impact on your sports journey.

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Stack Athlete of the Year Recipients

This award is presented to individuals who not only demonstrate athletic talent, but also embody the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and the commitment to being a positive role model in their community.


yorktown high school crew & swim

Allison is a 16-year-old 11th grade athlete on the Yorktown High School rowing and swim teams. Since she was 9 years old, in 2017, Allison has been a phenomenal fundraiser for Special Olympics Virginia. She has raised, so far, $82,304 for athletes with intellectual disabilities through participation in Special Olympics Virginia’s annual Polar Plunge held each February. 2017-$2,839, 2018-$8,607, 2019-$11,685, 2020-$15,108, 2021-$15,327, 2022-$15,056, 2023-$13,683. 

John White

yandel andrade

san antonio fc academy

Yandel has shown great resiliency over the years. He was born in Germany while I was serving in the military. There were many times I was deployed and could not be there to train or support him like other dads. He never have up. Trained alone many evenings. Eventually he would be scouted by a Bundesliga club and offered a position on their team. Unfortunately, his father’s time came to an end in Germany and we moved to the USA. He would have to start all over again. A new school, friends and soccer. With German being his first language he came in with a positive attitude. He soon joined Austin FC MLS academy and later would move for to San Antonio FC for a chance to train with the defending USL champions. He has taken honors and AP courses and has adapted to the US way of life and will be off to college next year to continue playing soccer.

Javier Andrade

cj carr

saline high school

CJ Carr is a nationally ranked high school quarterback involved with the Elite 11 program. CJ is recognized for his support to the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer. The Carr family first established The ChadTough Foundation in 2015 in an effort to raise money for childhood brain cancer research, with an emphasis on DIPG. As a nationally recognized athlete, CJ has helped raise awareness and research funding for the disease that has impacted his family, carrying forward the legacy of his brother’s enduring spirit, inspiring others to cherish every moment, honor the past, and face the future with resilience and a profound appreciation for life.

Stack Coach of the Year Recipients

This award goes to coaches whose passion and commitment have not only elevated the skills of young athletes but also instilled in them the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. 

brian olsen


glendale little league

Brian serves not only as a coach, but also as a Board member and a volunteer for both Glendale Little League and Glendale Knights (based in Glendale, WI). He has found a passion for coaching and mentoring kids through these baseball programs over the past 7 years our sons have been participating. He takes the time to really get to know and be a support system for all the kids. He devotes hours to bettering himself as a coach (taking training classes and hours of online research/studying) and contributing any help needed to the programs (from grounds help, IT support, fundraising volunteer, post season volunteer, etc). Many parents/kids have repeated told him (and me) that he is a wonderful coach and the kids view him as a trusted adult mentor in their lives. He goes above and beyond to make the kids enjoy their experience, while also helping them develop as players and into good humans. He is always available and is known through the league as the best as breaking in new gloves, repairing broken laces, applying new grip to bats, and providing any other help he can. I believe his work with the leagues has meant as much to him as it has to all the kids and families whose lives he has impacted.

Leia Olsen

jason brosie


Neighborhood Sports – Austin

I nominate Coach Jason Brosie for his selfless contribution to the youths of central Texas. Coach Jason has whole heartedly dedicated himself to the development of youth flag football in our Austin community. More importantly he has developed many young girls to be competitive and success in this sport. He is also a great man, husband, father and a great role model for our youths today. Many of hi success include winning the NFL Flag National Championship, NFL Flag regional championships for both girls and boys division, FFFL Champions, Hard Count Tournament Champions and Cowboys Tournament Champions. Recently he coached the 8u girls division to win the largest girls flag football tournament in the nation and won the championship. Coach Jason is more than a coach! He impacts our community in a great way and he continues to develop the youths to become great ambassadors for their families, community and the nation!

Alisi Carroll

sherese grigg


pea ridge thunder soccer club

Sherese has taken it on herself to start a soccer team for children with special needs. Our son (and many others in our community) wanted to play soccer but were having difficulties with following stated rules and executing specific skills involved with soccer. This team that she started pairs each person with a disability with a buddy and the buddies help them learn and practice skills and rules for soccer. They celebrate one another and feel a sense of community while also getting exercise and companionship. It has been beautiful to watch unfold this past season and we are excited for the coming season! We need more people like Sherese in this world! Thank you! The Shaver family appreciates you!

Jennifer Shaver

Stack Official of the Year Recipient

This award goes to an official or referee who demonstrates a commitment to the integrity of the sport and unwavering support for fair play.

sid compston


kootenay South youth soccer

Sid had been a volunteer member of the soccer community for many years. He coached, sat on the board and for numerous years has support the development of youth referees within our local community and throughout BC. On top of this he, himself travels to tournaments to referee. He is a phenomenal mentor.

Krista Fontes

Stack Sportsmanship of the Year Award Recipient

This award is given to individuals who uphold the highest standards of integrity, inspiring others with their character and dedication. This award symbolizes the enduring values that make sports a force for good in our communities. 

chris wakefield


Richmond Volleyball Club

When I started at RVC in 2019 I quickly found out my coworker Chris was in need of a new kidney, not immediately but sooner rather than later due to issues steaming from polycystic kidney disease. What I didn’t know and what a lot of other people, including his players on travel and high school, other coaches and parents, didn’t know was how much he juggled trying to stay healthy waiting for a new kidney while also not letting down his players from his high school team and his travel team here at the Richmond Volleyball Club. 
Liz Young
Not many of us knew he was taking his dialysis equipment with him through airports or sleeping between matches at tournaments to get some rest. After the morning or afternoon waves in other cities he was scheduled for dialysis treatment in other centers. All of this of course with the doctor’s permission but if you talked to Chris he would have told you he was going either way, he would find a way to take care of himself and his team, that’s how dedicated he is to the sport of volleyball and his players. After the first donor failed the last stages of testing right before surgery, Chris finally found a match and donor in one of his players parents who was more family than just parent and received a new kidney back in February. His perseverance is inspiration to his players and coworkers.
Liz Young

Stack Event Director of the Year Award Recipients

This award goes to the exceptional individuals who have dedicated their time and expertise to fostering safe, enjoyable, and memorable events that bring communities together.

anne marie winchester


south shore race management

She goes above and beyond to make sure all her races go on without issues. She also works hard with local communities for the races. Making sure race makes the most money for the charity. Other race companies reach out to her for help with their races, that speaks volumes to her character.

Michelle McKeen

mark walter


sun multisport events

Mark Walter is the Race Director of Sun Multisport Events. His events, including the Powisset Farm Trail Race in Dover, MA and Life Goes on After TBI are so well done. All details are considered, race information is really helpful, and events are executed very smoothly. Mark and his family are also truly inspiring. His daughter Maddie suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015 and years later Maddie and her parents created the organization Life Goes On After TBI. It is a 501(c)3 charity that supports the survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) by fundraising, educating and distributing grants to help offset the expense of treatments and therapies that support a TBI survivor’s recovery journey. This year they held the inaugural “Life Goes on Foot and Paw Trail Run” in Medfield. Just like the Powisset Farm races, it was an excellent event. Mark and his family are really amazing!

Juliana Fuchs

joe moreno


Quad Cities Marathon

Joe Moreno, affectionately known as the Marathon Man, has been the driving force behind the TBK Quad Cities Marathon and numerous other prestigious race events across the Midwest. Joe’s journey began with a vision, and he transformed it into a reality. Quad Cities Marathon, founded by Joe, stands strong today, drawing thousands of passionate runners year after year. But it’s not just about races; it’s about creating a sense of community, inspiring individuals to push their limits, and fostering the spirit of healthy competition. Joe’s dedication to the sport is unwavering. He’s not just a race director; he’s a motivator, an encourager, and a beacon of inspiration for runners of all levels. Joe paves the way for countless individuals to achieve their personal best.

Stack Video & Analytics Award Recipient

This award goes to a person, staff, or organization that has demonstrated exceptional skill in game-planning that translates to success for the team.

sean harlin

Director of baseball technology & video

minnesota twins

As the Director of Baseball Technology and Video for the Minnesota Twins, Sean’s impact is undeniable. His journey has been one of transformation. Sean has played a pivotal role in advancing video and analytics technology throughout the Twins organization. His dedication has empowered pitchers and players, offering them innovative technologies that elevate their game to new heights. Sean’s leadership goes beyond titles; it’s about driving progress and redefining the future of baseball through data-driven insights. In the intersection of technology and sports, Sean Harlin’s contributions have fundamentally transformed our approach to the game.

Stack Admin of the Year Award Recipients

This award goes to the exceptional individuals who have dedicated their time and expertise to fostering safe, enjoyable, and memorable events that bring communities together.

nicole limpert



Nicole works harder than any other individual at SCCYSA. She works around the clock every day to do everything that needs attention, is always looking for ways to grow and improve the League and ALWAYS puts the player’s above all else. I do not know a more dedicated and under appreciated/under recognized person working in youth sports.

Danine Preston

kreig kaiser

board member

oceanway sports association

Kreig took on the role of Baseball and Softball Director in the Spring of 2022 and has turned the park completely around. Our park went from 130 something kids to around 250 each season in 2023. Since January of this year he has volunteered more than 500 hours at the park not including coaches meetings and many calls from parents and coaches. Not only is he the director but coach as well. There isn’t a face at our park that doesn’t know Coach Kreig, he is always present and available! He has established and maintained a zero conflict policy that protects the kids, parents, coaches and especially umpires. He has coordinated wih our local high school to include the high school baseball, softball and national honor society in volunteering with our park. Kreig has truly created a safe environment for the youth of our community to learn and grow in a sport they can love. He has done all of this while working a full time demanding job and helping raise his three beautiful daughters, that all play the sport! If anyone deserves a nomination, it’s Coach Kreig.

Miranda Kaiser

brandie laudig

board member

noblesville girls softball association

Brandie does it all.

She tirelessly works to make sure all the girls in our community have a great place to play. While Brandie’s official position is “treasurer”, she also: organizes fundraising; schedules umpires; builds our game schedules; maintains our practice schedules; runs the concession stand. The list could go on forever.

Suffice to say, Brandie picks up the slack anywhere she finds it, and does so with a smile. She never looks to be in the spotlight, just looking for ways to make our program better for our girls.

She is a true leader, and leads by example of hard work.

Jon Fuller

jacque ites

board member

tullahoma soccer association

Jacque is a huge part of our organization. She is our longest serving active board member ( 6+ years) as a volunteer holding multiple roles throughout the years. Jacque led our recreational soccer program for approximately 650+ kids per year. She has continued to serve as our board secretary and was most recently willing to serve as the treasurer when the previous board member stepped away. This is a critical position to any organization so having someone that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, committed, and willing to serve so diligently as a volunteer speaks volumes about her character! Jacque has shown this continuous support to our organization even while her children have been out of the program for almost 4 years. While unrelated to our soccer organization, Jacque also serves as a board member and leader for a backpack food distribution organization for school aged kids in need. Jacque also plays an active role in her children’s school PTO as well. Jacque truly is our MVP and makes our area better! I hope you will consider recognizing her for her contributions to our local soccer organization and broader community.

Jonathan Carroll

lori garcia & tammy hlebec


united futbol academy

Both Lori Garcia and Tammy Hlebec are an integral part of our UFA Community. Lori as our Marketing Director, and Tammy as our Finance Director are unsung heroes and are so deserving of recognition.
Registrars, Directors, Coaches, etc. work diligently to get the kids registered and eligible to play in the first games, and there is a great sense of accomplishment in that opening weekend. However, do we take the time to thank Marketing for the role they play in growing our programs, or thank Finance for getting us our paychecks? I know that I, myself, do not say thank you enough, so I wanted to use this form to say how very much we appreciate them EVERY single day. We could not operate without them, and they are true UFA heroes! Lori and Tammy, thank you immensely for all you do to support our UFA players, parents, staff, community and our Club.

Kimberly Liu

dee whitmore


juel of ontario

Dee has been running elite basketball programs for over a decade with multiple organizations. Her dedication to running top quality programs and providing opportunities to players is exemplified in the successful operation of many highly sought after basketball circuits like the National Junior and Senior circuit, the Platinum Circuit, and most recently, a new chapter of the JUEL of Ontario program. The JUEL program offers opportunities for everyone, regardless of their financial status. Her dedication to providing opportunities is demonstrated everyday.

jessica malinowski


bend south little league

Jessica runs the Challenger League of which my daughter has participated the last couple years. The amount of time and energy that Jessica selfishly puts into running these games for the kids who wouldn’t be able to play if they didn’t happen, is incredible. She is so selfless, kind and inclusive. Sport in Bend is a better place because she is here.

Mark Beare

Stack President of the Year Award Recipients

This award recognizes the exceptional individuals who take up the helm at sports organizations. It is my honor to pay tribute to their visionary leadership, dedication, and unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

laura hall


milwaukie soccer club

I’m nominating Laura Hall because she’s been such a solid foundation for the Milwaukie Soccer Club (recreational club) these past few years acting as President. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our club in Milwaukie, Oregon nearly fell apart as kids couldn’t play and other volunteers weren’t able to help carry it along. Laura almost single-handedly managed the Club through those extremely challenging times, and has since rebuilt the volunteer board of directors, recruited more volunteers to a variety of roles, and has continued to strengthen relationships with families and the larger community. As a small club (approx 225 players), being Club President means being a jack-of-all-trades, taking on thankless tasks like stepping in as registrar, scheduling fields, recruiting coaches and so much more.
Jacob Sherman
Laura and her family have put countless hours into all of the behind-the-scenes work to provide soccer to the kids of Milwaukie, Oregon, which isn’t easy. She and I have had to work together, sometimes through tears, when unexpected issues arise and we’ve had to take a deep breath and problem solve. There’s so much more that goes into being Club President than folks realize. It’s been an impressive and inspiring feat! What’s even more impressive is that Laura does not even have a background in soccer. She didn’t play as a kid and still has to be reminded by some of us about some basic rules. From my perspective, Laura is so selfless and invested in our club because she’s a trained and licensed social worker who has seen firsthand the benefit that sports can bring to the lives of young people. I’m nominating Laura Hall for a 2023 Stack MVP Award because she’s been such a valued leader in our community and truly deserves recognition for her selfless leadership in keeping our Club going.
Jacob Sherman

ian fleetwood


capital region female minor hockey association

Five years ago, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada had no all-female hockey association where girls could play together year after year and enjoy female team camaraderie & friendships. Ian Fleetwood took it upon himself to make sure Victoria would become one of the best and biggest female hockey associations in B.C. Because of his relentless drive and wonderful creativity, we now have 316 girls on 19 teams starting our 5th season of hockey operations. We expect to grow to 400 athletes before the season ends because of our strong focus on making hockey fun, affordable, and open to girls of every ability. We have girls starting hockey well into their teens and every player is supported by the hard working board of directors Ian has pulled together. In a short span of time, our association has trained new coaches (female & male), developed our female officiating crew, enjoyed annual year end banquets, provided scholarships for graduating players going on to university, and last season we were honored to be selected as the “BC Hockey Minor Hockey Association of the Year”. All of this can be credited to Mr. Ian Fleetwood and his sacrifice of time and energy to start, sustain and grow the association.

Laurie Wishart

mechelle freeman



I am thrilled to nominate Mechelle for the esteemed Stack MVP Award. As the founder of TrackGirlz her unwavering dedication and selflessness have undeniably impacted women’s Track and Field significantly. Through her tireless support and remarkable leadership, Mechelle has uplifted countless athletes and inspired a generation of aspiring young women to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Mechelle’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment within the track and field community is unparalleled. Her efforts have propelled women’s Track and Field to new heights, broken down barriers, and shattered stereotypes. She has played a pivotal role in leveling the playing field, ensuring female athletes receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

Latoyia Williams
Her relentless passion and unwavering determination have been instrumental in driving positive change. Not only has she excelled in her athletic endeavors, but she also goes above and beyond to mentor and support emerging talents. Mechelle’s leadership skills are remarkable, as she motivates and empowers her team to achieve greatness on and off the field.

Mechelle Freeman is not just a contributor; she is a trailblazer, a role model, and an inspiration to all. She embodies the true spirit of sportsmanship, resilience, and dedication. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment make her an exceptional candidate for the Stack MVP Award.

Latoyia Williams

jeff johnson


seacoast youth sports, inc.

 Jeff Johnson has owned and operated Seacoast Youth Flag Football League since 2007. In that time he has grown the league from his backyard to 14 districts across two states. Jeff’s work growing Seacoast to a multisport organization as well with RAGE Softball has created countless play opportunities for young athletes in New England.

logan stout


dallas patriots

Logan has been a tremendous partner of Stack Sports for nearly 2 years. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots, a select baseball organization in Dallas Texas. Logan epitomizes what it means to be a great leader and friend. He puts the kids first in everything he does and together with Stack is helping grow the game of baseball!

Stack Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

This award goes to outstanding individuals who embody the true spirit of volunteerism in youth sports. Their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment had made a significant impact on the lives of athletes and the community as a whole. 

adam osmond


run 169 society

Adam selflessly volunteers so much time to our organization. He created and automated database for recording each member’s Towns they have run, it can be sorted in numerous way, showing which towns are needed, when/where the races are, etc. He often videos races with commentary and interviews participants and posts on our Facebook page, helping all the members get to know one another and cheer for one another. He is creating a database for another State, also on a volunteer basis. He is a friend to all (and we have a very large community…in the thousands). A recovered gambling addict, he is a powerful voice for using healthy outlets to overcome addictions. There is so much more he does for our group, too many things to list!

Maureen Gillis

devinder sandhu



Devinder has been a selfless advocate for soccer in middle Tennessee. His passion for the sport over the past 40+ years have directly contributed to the growth of the game at all levels. Every season he lines fields, moves goals from available playing locations, and even mows fields to continue the accessibility of the game for all.


michayla sims


aubrey area youth sports association

I am thrilled to nominate Michayla Sims for her exceptional dedication and selflessness as an outstanding 5th grade boys football team mom volunteer. Michayla consistently goes above and beyond, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the team’s success.

One of the most admirable qualities of Michayla is her willingness to help in any way possible. She goes the extra mile by spending her own money to ensure that the boys have everything they need for the team’s success. Whether it’s purchasing equipment or providing necessary supplies, Michayla’s generosity knows no bounds.

Cindy McCraw
Furthermore, Michayla goes out of her way to provide transportation for the boys, ensuring that they can attend practices and games without any obstacles. Her willingness to give rides showcases her genuine care and support for each player, going above and beyond to ensure their participation.

In addition to her financial and logistical support, Michayla’s nurturing nature shines through her efforts to feed the boys. Her willingness to provide meals and snacks demonstrates her commitment to their well-being, creating a sense of unity and care within the team.

Cindy McCraw
Michayla’s selflessness extends beyond her actions; she never says no and always offers to help first. Her positive attitude and willingness to lend a hand create a supportive and inclusive environment for the boys and their families. Her constant smile and sweet demeanor uplifts everyone around her, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

We are truly fortunate to have Michayla as an integral part of the 5th grade boys football team. Her unwavering dedication, generosity, and kind-hearted nature make her an exceptional team mom and a true role model for all.

It is with great admiration and gratitude that I nominate Michayla Sims for her outstanding contributions to the team. Her selflessness, support, and nurturing spirit make her an invaluable member of the team and a shining example of what it means to be an exceptional team mom.

Cindy McCraw

andrew malthouse


north coburg rebels baseball club

Andrew wears so many hats at the Rebels it is impossible to just chose one.

Andrew has been responsible for our Junior program for the last ten years, and even when he officially stepped down from the co ordinator role he was still there week in and week out doing the job to help out.

He’s a fantastic coach, not only of the juniors but also of our new, never played before senior players. He’s my go to person for introducing newbies to the game.

He’s patient and kind and explains techniques and how to play in a simple but informative matter. He lives and breathes baseball and loves the game and that comes across in the way he teaches it.

Danielle Stephens
He umpires, he coaches, he’s part of the committee, he has been President, Vice President and just about everything else in between, as well as holding the current playing record of over 500 senior games, which for a club that isn’t even 40 years old is an impressive acheivement. He’s retired several times now but keeps coming back.

Without Andrew the Rebels wouldn’t have the junior program we currently have and our senior program would be so much poorer without his presence and guidance.

He is a vital cog in the Rebels machine and I wish we could clone him and have more of him!

Danielle Stephens

jeff totten


youth:empowered nfl flag football

Prior to launching our inaugural NFL Flag season, Jeff, a retired sports broadcast engineer with Fox Sports, created the MOV2GO Network for the purpose of teaching local high school kids the art of sports broadcasting, and allowing them to earn college credit from the University of Akron.

His teams coverage of our 9u and 12u NFL Flag Leagues has elevated our league like no other. The exposure that he has brought to our little community and the cinfidence that he has instilled in the kids is like nothing any of us have ever experienced.

Jimmie Bell

Stack Leadership Award Recipients

This award goes to individuals who have made an indelible impact on sports. Under their guidance and vision, they continue to shape the future of our beloved sports community.

jt batson


u.s. soccer

In 2022, JT Batson took the helm as CEO and Secretary General of US Soccer, and with him, he brought a lifelong love and unwavering passion for the beautiful game to the national stage. JT’s journey through soccer has been all-encompassing. His fingerprints are on every facet of the sport, and his leadership within US Soccer stands as a testament to his dedication. But what truly sets him apart is his visionary approach to developing world-class players, coaches, and referees. He spearheaded the creation of the US Soccer Development Fund, leaving an indelible mark on the future of American soccer.

michael karon



For nearly half a century, Michael has been the driving force behind positive change in the world of sports volunteering. As President of AYSO, he’s been instrumental in fostering the growth of youth soccer nationwide, impacting players, coaches, and referees alike. Michael’s approach is rooted in a philosophy that makes soccer more than just a game. It’s about family, inclusivity, and creating a space where every child can thrive. His dedication has led to increased enrollment and participation, giving countless youngsters the opportunity to experience the joys of soccer and teamwork. In a world where true leaders lead by example, Michael’s unwavering commitment shines as a beacon of hope.

2022 Stack MVP Award Winners