Athlete Safety

Creating the safest environment for athletes, volunteers, and organizations

Stack Sports is committed to creating the safest environments for athletes through a holistic approach including insurance & background checks, safety training & reporting, abuse prevention, and more.

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Modern Coverage Built for Today’s Sports

Stack Sports partners with industry leading insurance platforms that combines intelligent data driven athlete safety programs with insurance to ensure that your organization is getting the best price possible. We can help you bundle the right coverages for organizations of any size and need.

Employee Benefits & Coverage

Your employees are the heart and soul of your organization, and you want to take care of them the way they take care of your athletes, members, and students. Offer benefits such as medical, accident insurance, retirement, and more.

Protect Your Athletes, Coaches, and Members

Offer the best coverage for your members every season and create the safest environment possible. Make sure your families are covered from unexpected injury, incidents, and other unexpected situations that could end their season. 

Education & Training Resources

Don’t wait for incidents to occur. Stack Sports wants to empower coaches and organizations to build a positive culture and make their programs a positive and safe environment with modern, up-to-date training and education resources. Stay current with policies and prevention, and create the safest environment for your members to enjoy sports.

Add Value at Every Level


Accident & Liability Y Y  
Background Checks Y Y Y
SafeSport Integration Y Y Y
Abuse Prevention Y Y Y
Employee Benefits Y Y  
Registration Insurance Y Y Y
GAP Med Insurance   Y Y

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