From our humble beginnings as sports parents and coaches, we founded Stack Sports to transform the youth sports experience by helping other parents, coaches and administrators manage all aspects of their sports organizations. By developing easy-to-use team management solutions, we allow parents, players and coaches to focus on the game—not administrative duties.

Our founders and employees wear many hats. Successful entrepreneurs. Loving parents. Sports enthusiasts. Community volunteers. Being able to juggle all the important aspects in life can be challenging as sports parents.


As a successful entrepreneurial organization whose focus has always been on community, sports and efficiency, the founding team and employees of Stack Sports decided to take on the challenge of transforming youth sports. Since April 2016, Stack Sports has acquired 20 leading companies and have built the leading global sports technology Company focused on serving the youth sports ecosystem. And, we are just getting started!

Since founding Stack Sports, we’ve been focused on building the best collection of sports technology companies in the youth sports ecosystem

— Rob Wechsler, Founder and Chairman of Stack Sports